70 riigi rohelise mõtlemisega noored kogunevad Tallinnas  ERR News - portal

Indian and African learning from Europe Estonian Daily Newspaper

European Youth Meeting 2011: Green and Fair Economy Delfi Youth Voice

President Ilves: Youth Voice need to be heard Evening Newspaper

European Youth Meeting has been opened in Tallinn Postimees Newspaper (with Gallery pictures)

President Ilved: in environmental question youth voice need to be heard Postimees Newspaper

Live: Youth Ecological Forum starts his work in Tallinn ERR News - (in Russian)

Young Greens meet in Tallinn ERR New (in English)

Active European Youth will gather on summer time on the big event in Tallinn Postimees Newspaper

EYM2011 has ended his work Delfi Youth Voice 

European Youth Meeting 2011 for Sustainable Development has been ended Channel 4

European Youth Meeting 2011 for Sustainable Development finished his work Postimees Newspaper

Tallinn welcoming European Youth

Today on the town hall square Estonia will welcom Youth of Europe Russkoe Radio

Estonia welcoming Youth of Europe ERR News in Russian

Organisers of European Youth Meeting will discuss a summer event ERR News in Russian

We need to hear Youth Voice Den Za Dnem 

Networks and Other:
Fair and Green Economu Conference in Tallinn Estonian Civil Society Network

Confernece Green and Fair Economy Euro Desk

President is opening in Tallinn European Youth Meeting School Life- Educational portal

Unique European Youth Meeting will be happening in Tallinn Portal of Estonian Russians 

European Green Capital: European Youth Meeting 2011 for Sustainable Development European Commission Green Capital initiative

President Ilves: Youth Voice need to be heard Official Webpage of President of Estonia

Tallinn will became from 19th will 24th Jul the Greenest youth place. Estonian TV

In Tallinn is happening international youth events Chanal 2

Tallinn is gathering European Youth from 40 countries to discuss Sustainable Development Tallinn TV

Youth from Europe, Africa and Asia discussing in Tallinn future of Ecology ERR NEWS


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