IMPORTANT! About results notification

All selected and non-selected as well as applicants who have been put on the waiting list have been notified by e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail, notify us of that to Taisi at eym2011 dot eu. There were a number of e-mail addresses that didn’t work. You may also be approached by our Delegate Communication Officers for clarifications, if there is data incomplete or missing from the application form, for example: emergency contacts, special needs.

Please respond to the e-mails you have received as soon as possible to help us speed up the process. If you have been accepted from a Non-EU country or from a country from which a Visa is required to enter Estonia and confirm your attendance, please forward all required information (especially copy of passport) as quickly as you can, so we can complete you Visa documents.

All documents – travel plans, passport copies, insurance etc – forward to us by e-mail to info at eym2011 dot eu

EYM 2011 Delegates Communication Team