What you need to bring...?

There are a number of things we would like you to bring along for the official programme as well as the informal moments of our week. They are all equally important and we would like to ask you to not only read through the list but to also bring the stuff along:

a) some examples of your youth work and materials for distribution, if available, on your organisation and your country’s sustainability issues: posters, leaflets, photos, newspapers, magazines, podcasts... preferably in English or Russian.
b) If possible, some small gifts for your new friends from Estonia and around the World
c) if possible, bring your national flag for opening and closing ceremony.(very needed)
d) endless amounts of good mood and motivation for work and leisure!
e) any dictionaries you might require;
f) an alarm clock and the loading cable of your mobile; (Electricity in Estonia is 230 Volts. Estonia generally accepts 1 type of plug: Two round pins)
g) bring your European Health Insurance card or any additional insurance you might consider good to have (health insurance for a foreign country for instance or a luggage loss insurance or third liability). Non-EU participants are required to present travel insurance. The organisers, unfortunately, cannot provide any of these.
h) personal hygiene products.
i) a swimsuit
j) comfortable indoor shoes.
k) all medicine you require. Do not forget them! (if you need them)
l) formal attire or your national dress for opening and final ceremony/reception.
m) we anticipate warm weather, but be prepared and bring some warmer clothes.