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General arrangements

What is European Youth Meeting (EYM)?
EYM2011 is an international youth event gathering young people from Council of Europe countries on the issues of Youth and Sustainable Development and representatives from other nations around the world


What are the aims and objectives of EYM2011?

For the Youth Meeting, participants from all around Europe, committed to youth-led sustainable development, will gather in Tallinn for a diverse program designed to harness the energy and passion of youth towards developing an effective strategy for sustainable development and creating a combined European youth perspective on Fair and Green Economy.

The specific objectives of the Meeting are:

-          To advance and encourage the participation of young people and youth organisations in international decision making-process on sustainable development.

-          To promote fair and green economy

-          Through international cooperation exchange experiences, best practices and perspectives on sustainable development.

-          Through the use of web and video capabilities encourage the use of technological advancements to ensure sustainable development.

-          To develop at the end of the meeting a policy statement provisionally called “European Youth for Sustainable Development” supplemented by a local action plan.


When and where will the Meeting take place?

The Meeting will be held from the 19th of July till the 24th of July, 2011. The Meeting will take place in Tallinn, the European Capital for Culture in 2011. The Meeting’s activities will mainly take place in Meriton Grand Conference and SPA Hotel. The accommodation will be provided by Tallink Express Hotel and Meriton Grand Conference and SPA Hotel. Participants and facilitators will be hosted in double and triple rooms. Accommodation will be divided according to gender.



Is there any participation fee?

There is no participation fee to be a part of this event for European young people. However, if you are from a non-European (non-Council of Europe) country, then for you the participation fee is 100EUR.


Who can participate and how?

Applicants have been selected and the selected participants list is published here http://www.eym2011.eu/index.php?id=11021


Among the specific events, the Opening Ceremony on the 19th of July at 18:00 is open to everyone.


The Opening Session on the 20th of July at the Meriton Grand Conference and Spa Hotel will be held as a separate conference and is open to guests for a participation fee of 20EUR that includes – lunch, materials, coffee break.

Those who have cancelled their participation after 12th of July 2011 will have to cover their extra services ordered and a
cancellation fee of 500 EUR.


What will be covered by the organizers during the EYM2011?

Your accommodation, food expenses and local travel during the Meeting will be covered by organizers. Your travel expenses and special needs will not be covered by the organizers.

Questions about the programme

What kind of efents will be held?
The European Youth Meeting 2011 includes:

-. Opening session on the realities of sustainability issues in different fields like the environment, economy and others, and on youth work and youth policy responses to these issues. The session includes many high profile speakers from the local level and international, most notably guest speakers from UNEP and UNDP.

- Thematic working groups. During the Meeting all the participants will be divided into thematic working groups who respond to the panel discussions and work separately on developing their ideas according to the theme given to the group. Each working group is attended to by a facilitator who monitors and directs the activities and a resource person who is a qualified expert in the given field.

- Skills workshops. A varied selection of specialised skills workshops will be organised for the delegates to choose from.

- Policy statement process The outcomes of the group work will be gathered together in one policy document “European Youth for Sustainable Development” that will be the eventual outcome of the Meeting. The policy statement will be supplemented by localised action plans for each participant country, designed to be used as a starting point for the implementation of the statement. The policy statement process will end with the official presentation of the document that will take place in the House of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads that is the only surviving Renaissance building in Tallinn. The official reception is organised by Tallinn City Government.

- Cultural events. As Tallinn, Estonia in 2011 is European Capital of Culture, the programme of the meeting will also include thematic cultural events, beginning with the Opening Ceremony on 19th of July at the Town Hall Square in the historic Old Town.


Do I get a preference in the kind of events which I may attend?

A participant has to attend every event. There will be some workshops where the participant can choose from the range of workshops offered.


Will I get to see Tallinn and the local culture in Estonia?

Your accommodation is located near the City centre and all its major sights including the historic Old Town. Each participant will be provided with a map of Tallinn.


In the official programme, the opening ceremony will be held on the 19th of July at the Town Hall Square in the Old Town, there will time for sightseeing in Tallinn and cultural events at the evenings and the the official presentation of the document will take place in the House of the Brotherhood of the Black Heads that is the only surviving Renaissance building in Tallinn.


Can I share my experiences formally at the conference? (Say if I have something specific to talk about, an experience or my country maybe)

The participants themselves will have time to introduce themselves, share about their work, build networks etc.


If you have a specific proposal you may contact the International Management about it at info at eym2011 dot eu

Arrival and departure

When do I have to arrive?
You are expected to be at the venue place on the 19th of July at 16.00 latest at
Tallink Express Hotel (
Address: Sadama 9, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia). According to the travel plan presented to us, a member of the Staff of EYM2011 will receive you at your arrival point, to escort you to the venue. Look for the EYM2011 logo

Participants’ registrations begin at 7:00 am on 19th of July (at the airport, port and bus station); the full programme ends at 11:00 am on 24th of July. At arrival, you will be met by the staff of the Meeting and transported to the venue of the Meeting.  

You are expected to leave on the 24th of July. Our staff will be at hand to make sure you reach your departure point.